You are allowed to keep any quantities of all the common fish.  These include Knightia eocaena, Knightia alta, Diplomystus dentatus, Mioplosus labracoides, Phareodus encaustus, Phareodus testis, Priscacara liops, Priscacara serrata, Priscacara hypsacantha, and Amphiplaga brachyptera.  Anything rare or uncommon will be handled by a case-by-case basis.

The quarry shown below is not our personal quarry.  This quarry is on the other side of the hill from ours.  The crate that you see in the pictures belong to "share diggers."  A share digger is someone who comes and digs for an extended length of time and instead of paying to dig the share digger has to surrender 1/2 of his/her fish and all of the rare finds to the quarry operator.  These type digs are usually done on a 2 week minimum but will vary from quarry to quarry.  This quarry is operated by www.fossilsafari.com and offers digs for private individuals.  I will no longer be doing the private digs.


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