Rock and Fossil Tours


The Tours are all $80 per person and are 1/2 day Tours.  They include:


  1. Jurassic age star crinoids close to Kemmerer.  Echinoid plates, vert. material, and asteroid starfish have also been found at this site.

  2. Blue Forest petrified wood.  It can be surface collected but if you want the prized specimens, be prepared to dig.  State law allows only 25lbs plus 1 piece per day per person.


The tours are individual.  If you want to do just one tour the price is $80 per person.  This will include most tools and a guide.  We can guarantee that you will find specimens. Children 12-7 are 1/2 price and 6 and under are free. 


No advance reservations are required but a couple days notice would be very much appreciated.  I am at the fish quarry almost every day so if you want to do something I would like some notice to arrange my schedule accordingly.  If no notice is given then tour availability will depend on current staffing.  We reserve the right to refuse business.  We have rules for the tours that are mainly concerned with safety.  Any adults or children that do not abide by the rules will be asked to leave without a refund.  Before being allowed to attend any tour a release of liability must be signed be all adults attending and parents or legal guardians of any minors.


A New Tour!

This tour is being put on by my friends in the Delta, UT area to their claim at the famous site for Dugway Geodes.  Follow the link to find out more.