U-Dig Trilobite Quarry


Be sure to go the the U-Dig Quarry web site and take a look at what they have to offer and read the testimonials of some of the other collectors who have been there.  Below are some pictures of some of my trilobites from my digs there.







Do you need somebody to prep your trilobites?  Contact me (robert@wyomingfossils.com, 254-223-3204) and make arrangements.  The price will range from 25 cents to $5 each.  There are many variables that will effect the price.  Just some examples of what will effect price are the species (some are harder to prep than others), how deep it is buried, how large it is, etc.  On larger multi-plates I will give prep discounts.  I can also charge by the hour for my prep services.  The price is $50 an hour.  Don't let that scare you, though.  I can prep quite a few trilobites in 1 hour.  If you end up leaving me the trilobites to be prepped you will be responsible for shipping.  I also do prep work on the fossil fish for a flat rate of $50 per hour.  There is no minimum charge for either the trilobites or fish if it is done at my convenience.  I can have most done the same day.  If I have to leave the quarry to prep then there will be a minimum fee.



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